My Legacy


Edward Atkins as a studentEdward Atkins in the navy

I have included some of my pencil drawings from around 1956. I did these to fill in the vacuum that was my job at the time (I felt grossly underutilized).

I titled each picture as I thought appropriate. I did the first-thought-that-comes-to-mind thing when I looked at that picture and then placed that thought under the picture. You might do the same thing to note your own response to each picture. It might be revealing. It might tell a tale.

I dedicated these pictures to the best friends of my lifetime: One was a Siamese cat, one was a white cat with one blue and one gold eye, one was a golden retriever/collie and one was a collie. I pray that they are all together, wherever they are and that one day I’ll be able to join them (no snide remarks from the peanut gallery; one day you’ll be where I am). In any event I was truly, truly blessed.


— Edward Atkins










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