As an aside, these books are quite literally one of a kind for ALL time in that no one has ever written about the subject of activities on the flight deck of a WWII aircraft carrier and no one ever will in the future, in the first-person, because such people are either dead or soon will be.

Nowadays, everyone must have their "Platform." Here then find my Platform for twelve of the thirteen months I was one of those Airdales on the U.S.S. Antietam (CV-36) during 1945-1946. Also know that every one of the 1150 National Archive photos was specially retrieved and modified with Photoshop by the author to correct blemishes, contrast and brightness. These are "my" photos.


Excerpts from Volume I



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Ship & Planes
External Activities
Closing Thoughts


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On which We Serve: Where Life-Lessons are Learned