On Which We Serve

On Which We ServeWhile the niche for the book “On Which We Serve” is History/Military/The World, it is aimed primarily for those in the high school/college age group. It's also very appropriate for those in church discussion groups. It is fervently hoped that this book will contribute in a strong manner toward a more sane and sanguine society.

This book may be considered to be two books in one, where parts of both books appear on most all the pages of this volume. The first book concerns the activities that occurred on the flight deck of a WWII fleet aircraft carrier. These first paragraphs of each page are essentially enlarged captions for each of the 355 full-page National Archives photographs.

No one has ever written about this subject and since I participated in these activities I thought it important to record a first-person account. (Incidentally, because this account is in the first person and because those who might write about these activities are either dead or soon will be, this book is in all reality one of a kind for all time. Also, there is no publication that has even a fraction of the number of photographs within this book. The photographs are superb. All are from the National Archives and were taken by navy photographers. And all but one photograph had to be modified by the author to correct blemishes, brightness and contrast, a tricky endeavor. This book will be a cornucopia for military historians.)

The second book, the significant part (“Where Life-Lessons Are Learned”) is of equal textual content. It consists of a seamless segue from the first book’s (first paragraph; caption) content. Thus this book consists of two-page “couplets” (a page of text with the attendant photo opposite the caption text). One could well say that the second book is in the form of an Anthology of First Principle Parables. That is, each page of the first book leads directly to a short discussion (second paragraph; second book) of First Principles* such as Responsibility, Accountability, Respect for others and self, earned Self-Esteem (those who have it will never do anything antisocial), Empathy, Trustworthiness and similar values and virtues. These discussions are meant to elicit responses from the reader while in no way meaning to be pontifical.

* Among First Principles is E=IR (voltage = current x resistance). From this First Principle is derived many substantive and important results.

Each page in this book is, for the most part, self-contained. That is, the reader can read but one page a day and not lose continuity. It also allows for a more meditative read since it is not necessary to race to the next page. If I may, the reader can savor each discussion and even form a lesson around it.

I have tried very hard not to include politics or religion in these pages. I do not want to stir up animosities that seem to invariably occur when these subjects are addressed. Besides, there’s a plethora of such books.

Finally, my approach to writing this book consists of the following:

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